Become a part of a successful team with the franchise of the office of the ONLINE CAR DEALER RAIDO GROUP
RAIDO GROUP gives you a chance to become an authority on the car market of your region, using our unique and reliable business model

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raido franchise
franchise benefits
Open the doors to the automotive business with RAIDO GROUP. Together we can achieve more!
Earning with RAIDO programs
The RAIDO franchisee has the right to earn on all our programs - from the sale of cars and electric vehicles to our unique investment program. This is not only a multifunctional source of income, but also an amazing opportunity to increase the reach of your business.
Direct cooperation with international offices
The RAIDO franchisee has the opportunity to work directly with our offices in the UAE and China. This provides a unique opportunity to take part in online car presentations for your customers directly from our international offices.
A successful niche is the automotive business
With our franchise, you get full support and access to a proven business model that has proven its effectiveness. We help you at every stage to make sure that you make the most of the capabilities of the RAIDO GROUP.
raido franchise
earn money on all Raido programs
As a RAIDO franchisee, you get access to earnings on all our programs, i.e. you get a multifunctional source of income, which contributes to the expansion of your business
Car sales program
Offer a wide range of cars from premium to budget models in your region. You will receive a commission from each successful sale, which will provide a stable source of income.
Electric CARS Sales program
Develop a new growing market segment with our support. We provide you with the necessary resources and information for the successful sale of electric and hybrid vehicles
Investment program
As a RAIDO franchisee, you also get the opportunity to attract customers to our investment program. Customers investing in cars to generate income from their subsequent sale will work with your RAIDO GROUP offices.
Car Upgrade program
Help your customers upgrade their old cars to newer models by arranging purchase and delivery from our offices in various countries of the world. You will receive a share of the profits received from the sale of an old car and the purchase of a new one.
With our franchise, you will be able to diversify your business
and make the most of the opportunities provided by the car market
raido franchise
Raido Group investment Program
Your partnership with RAIDO as a franchisee - participation in our investment program is a chance to attract people who are willing to invest in cars and receive income from their sale. Your role is to provide this opportunity to your customers.
Together with our investment program
you will be able not only to expand your business, but also to share your success with your customers
Attracting customers
Your goal is to introduce potential customers to the opportunity to earn income from investing in cars. You help them see the potential and advantages of this market.
Making presentations
As part of this process, you will conduct online presentations to your clients to show how our investment program works and demonstrate the transparency and reliability of our business.
Conclusion of contracts
As a RAIDO franchisee, you will enter into contracts with customers on behalf of our company. We will provide you with the necessary support at every stage of this process.
Receiving a commission
Your efforts are rewarded through a commission from the income of your investors. This means that the more successful your customers are, the more revenue you get.
conducting online presentations for the client
As part of this process, you will organize online car presentations for customers right in the office to show how the Raido Group investment program works, demonstrate the transparency and reliability of our business.
raido franchise
You will need office space to do business. Choose a place that suits your needs and is conveniently located for your target audience.
Office renovation
how to become a Raido Group franchisee
After you have rented an office space, the next step will be to repair it and adapt it to the needs of the business.
Purchase of furniture and equipment for workplaces
Your office should be comfortable and functional. Purchase the necessary upholstered furniture and equipment for workplaces.
Setting up an online presentation system
Successful business requires reliable and fast Internet connection, as well as equipment and software for online presentations.
Preparation of the advertising budget
Develop a plan of advertising activities and prepare a budget for the first month of work. This will help you quickly attract attention to your business and start working with customers.
Signing the contract
Your partnership with RAIDO GROUP begins with the signing of a franchise agreement. This agreement will specify all the conditions and obligations of the parties.
Office rent
to successfully launch your business as a franchisee of the RAIDO GROUP. We are happy to support you at every stage of this journey.
Each of these steps is important
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
stage 5
stage 6
raido investment
If you do not want to become the exclusive representative of the Raido Group in your region, then we have an additional, no less profitable offer for you - BECOME OUR PARTNER, INVEST IN AUTO AND ELECTRIC CARS and earn on it
raido franchise
frequent questions
The purchase of the RAIDO GROUP franchise includes the right to use our brand, business model, support system and programs that allow us to earn money in various areas of our activities.
We are always ready to discuss these and many other issues with you. Contact us to get more detailed information
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