The main mission of RAIDO GROUP is to offer you a unique chance to increase your profitability by investing in the market of cars and electric vehicles. Our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the automotive industry, which allows us to purchase and sell cars at the most competitive prices and guarantee you the maximum return on your investment.

By combining investment opportunities and the automotive world, we offer buyers and investors an unsurpassed opportunity to increase their capital. Our work is not just buying and selling cars, it is the creation of affordable, highly profitable, with a quick return on capital, auto - investment programs.
We invite you to the exciting and profitable world of automotive investment with us
Welcome to RAIDO GROUP, an international ONLINE CAR DEALER company with own offices in China and the UAE, based on the principles of innovation, reliability and efficiency in the automotive market.
A SPECIAL APPROACH TO INVESTMENT - in RAIDO GROUP you can invest money in buying a car yourself or invite friends and invest together.

By investing with RAIDO GROUP, you provide quick returns and great opportunities for quick income.
INVESTING IN CARS AND ELECTRIC VEHICLES is a liquid way to increase your capital, with fast turnover and low risks.
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Купить автомобиль, электромобиль из ОАЭ

Participate in the growth of the automotive market, especially in the segment of electric vehicles and hybrids. Invest in cars from China and the UAE, and we will take care of everything - from buying to shipping and selling a car. Your role is to invest and profit from a fast-growing market.
Together with our investment program
you will be able to receive passive income with a high percentage and a quick return on investment
Investment program 1
Your path to profit begins here. Buying cars for your self-sale and earning income.
Conducting online presentations
As part of this process, online presentations will be held for you, from choosing a car to the process of its implementation. To show how our investment program works, and to demonstrate the transparency and reliability of our business.
Investment program 2
Make a profit without unnecessary hassle. We will buy, deliver and sell the car for you, and you will receive your part of the profit.
Investing with friends
At RAIDO GROUP, you can invest in cars yourself or invite friends and family to invest together. This makes our approach to investment special.
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Auto/Electric cars as an Investment Opportunity FOR YOU
Imagine that you have your own personal car concierge who provides impeccable service at all stages of choosing, buying and delivering your new car or electric vehicle. At RAIDO GROUP, we are making this concept a reality.

Our specialists are always ready to listen carefully to your wishes, choose the best option, make a purchase and ensure reliable delivery of the car from anywhere in the world directly to you.
Your personal car concierge
The uniqueness of our approach lies in the fact that you get full control over the car selection process thanks to our online presentations. We show you our work and cars live from our own purchasing and sales offices in the UAE and China.
Online presentations when choosing a car
Our global network allows us to search and buy cars from any part of the world, while providing the best conditions for our customers. Your ideal car can be anywhere, and our task is to buy and deliver it to you.

At RAIDO GROUP, we strive to exceed your expectations. Enjoy the unique experience of buying a car significantly below the market price.
Global Purchase and Delivery
Quality, comfort and individuality are the key principles of the Raido Group
You only need to choose the car you like, and we take care of all the hassle: we will buy and deliver your new car right to your door.

The purchase is processed at our offices in China and the UAE.
buying a car or an electric car from anywhere in the world is easy, profitable and safe with Raido Group
We have our offices in the UAE and China. This provides us with direct access to the best car auctions and dealers around the world. We can choose and buy the most profitable car options for you, providing the best prices.
Own purchasing and sales offices
We conduct online presentations of selected vehicles directly from our purchasing offices. You will be able to personally see the car that you are going to purchase and make sure of its quality and condition. This approach ensures maximum transparency and trust.
Online presentations before purchase
With RAIDO GROUP, you can sell your old car in Russia and upgrade it to a newer and more modern one from China or other countries. But most importantly, you can also make money on the price difference. We will help you get not only a new car, but also additional funds from the sale of your old car!
Upgrade your car and earn
Changing a car becomes profitable with the RAIDO GROUP. Join us and discover new opportunities in the world of cars!
Do you want to upgrade your car and earn money at the same time? Then RAIDO GROUP is what you need!
Earn money by changing cars with RAIDO GROUP
we will hold
a presentation of your car
We conduct the entire service through online presentations in our offices. Sitting in a comfortable chair, you will see your car before buying - we will show and tell you everything about the car you have chosen, we will answer all your questions about the Raido Group investment program online.
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